Reliance invests in nice guy Gopinath (and Deccan 360)

Gopinath.jpgHere is a quick one on Capt. GR Gopinath, the founder of the former Air Deccan who now runs cargo carrier Deccan 360.

He is genuinely one of the nicest guys in the Indian aviation industry, and I am absolutely chuffed that Reliance – India’s largest company – is buying a stake in Deccan 360.

India, which suffers from a shortage of proper supply chains and logistical solutions, desperately needs an integrated air and surface cargo firm like Deccan 360. Reliance’s investment is a shot in the arm for the company, which appears to be on the right track for success.

A company like Reliance will not cough up money without doing its sums, but something tells me that they also like what people like Gopinath stand for. On behalf of all those who wish that nice guys would win in the end, I hope that Gopinath and Deccan 360 are successful.


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