IATA AGM: Japan Airlines looks for mindset change

JAL Onishi.JPGI just interviewed Japan Airlines’ new president and COO Masaru Onishi (above), a very interesting man, at the IATA annual general meeting in Berlin.

He was talking about how, above almost everything else, JAL needs a change in mindset – moving away from its traditional bureaucratic perspectives towards running the company towards an approach that befits a proper airline.

It will be tough – the “mindset” that he talks about has been entrenched for years, and changing corporate cultures is always a big ask in Japan. Yet, they have no choice. Sure, the government could step in and keep bailing it out. That, however, is becoming increasingly unpalatable in Japan.

As Onishi puts it, only a business and mindset transformation will lead to the emergence of a leaner, profitable and successful Japan Airlines. He may not say it, but the only other option is failure.


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  1. balbir singh 13 December, 2010 at 8:15 pm #

    airasia the new low cost airline has started capturing the asian market by leaps & bounds.
    i feel there is a lot of scope with the billions of upcomming higher middle class travellers who can now afford to air travel provided japan airlines offered cheap fares like airasia on certain routes where you can offer apex fares in economy seat.
    in fact the biggest travel agent for the corporates in mumbai is thinking of opening a branch in tokyo in the expectation that a number airlines are going to start low cost fares that business to asian sector will double within 2 years.

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