Putting a fresh Spring on the Chinese aviation industry

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Despite its tiny market share among airlines in China, privately-owned Spring Airlines looks to be making giant efforts to reach out to its customers.

Its chairman, Wang Zheng Hua (above), has a blog on the carrier’s website – which is pretty amazing, given how tight-lipped Chinese airlines usually are, may it be online or off. Despite the growing use of social media by businesses, the Chinese aviation industry has been slow to cotton on to blogs and Twitter.

Wang’s blog has become a forum of sorts for customers to express their opinions of the airline, and some of these opinions can be well, pretty strongly-worded (such as the customer who ranted about a bad experience with the carrier, ending his posting with “rubbish!” in Mandarin). Spring, however, looks to be taking these comments in stride – its customer service team replies to each and every single comment on the blog, with each staff member signing off with an identification number in case a customer wants to follow up on the matter.

Spring might be in the shadow of China’s big three airlines (it had a 1.2% market share in 2009) but its sincerity makes you hope it will succeed.

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  1. mediafire 29 June, 2010 at 5:02 am #

    yes you are right that Chinese aviation industry is slow in social media

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