African misadventure

I was busy tracking down a story yesterday. Reports had emerged that a Jet Airways Boeing 737-800 from India had run off the end of the runway at the airport serving the town of Bor in southern Sudan. A Jet Airways 737-800 in southern Sudan?

My initial assessment was that the story must not be true. Why would a Jet Airways 737 be in southern Sudan? Jet doesn’t serve Sudan.

But the reports said the aircraft was doing an ad hoc passenger charter. Then I thought maybe the report is true so I put in a call to Jet Airways’ in-house PR person Srirupa Sen.

She checked with Jet Airways’ charters department who responded by saying they have had no 737s flying to Sudan.

So I left it at that. But then later in the day a news report appeared with a photograph purporting to show the Jet Airways 737-800 off the end of the runway at Bor.

So I quickly called Srirupa and pointed out that the local news website that had the photograph, with the story, showing the Jet aircraft off the end of the runway.


plane_veered_off (Custom).jpgSeveral hours later here is the response I got.




The image displayed on the publication Miraya’s website is from our B737 incident in Dhaka in Aug 2009.We are writing to the publication to carry a corrigendum.

Thanks for sharing same with us.

Best wishes,




I have to say thank you to Srirupa for helping me to get to the bottom of this. It is also a valuable lesson in journalism. You can never always believe what you see.

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