FARN10: The Boeing 787 is in the house

787 catwalk.jpgThe Boeing 787 made its international debut at the Farnborough Airshow this morning, and it was a pretty exciting moment for the aviation industry.

This is an aircraft that promises a lot – lower operating costs, higher revenues by being able to carry more passengers, and allowing airlines to connect to various points around their network far more easily.

It will be especially true for Asian airlines like All Nippon Airways (ANA), Singapore Airlines (SIA), Air India and Jetstar, which will depend on the airline to be their workhorse for the next two decades or so. There will be another milestone when the first aircraft is delivered to launch customer ANA.

Yes, there are still some teething problems with the programme itself. But make no mistake – this aircraft has set a new benchmark and will be around for some more time to come.

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