All Black for this Air New Zealand A320

The fantastic marketing people at Air New Zealand are continuing with the airline’s lead-up to next year’s rugby World Cup in the country, and its sponsorship of the All Blacks, with this all black themed aircraft.

This will be the livery (still photos below) on the first aircraft in its domestic A320 fleet that will enter into service in January, and it will be operated on several major routes within New Zealand.

Air New Zealand 'Crazy About Rugby' all black livery Part 1.jpgANZ Part II.jpgThis follows on from their highly popular “Crazy About Rugby” safety video (below) that features players from the All Blacks. And for those who don’t know anything about the team, just scroll down even more for one of my favourite moments when the All Blacks take to the field.

I can’t wait for the World Cup. Heck, maybe I’ll go to New Zealand! Come on All Blacks!


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