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NH1006 HND flight info.jpg

JAL beats ANA for first HND departure

Banzai!This morning was supposed to see ANA and JAL simultaneously offer the first regularly scheduled international flights out of Tokyo’s Haneda airport following the opening of a fourth runway earlier this month.ANA flight NH1006 to Los Angeles and JAL flight JL002 to San Fransisco were both scheduled to depart Haneda at 00:05 Sunday morning, granting […]

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JAL 747 sushi.jpg

747 retirement nearing, JAL offers memorabilia items (including fuselage-printed seaweed)

Aircraft retirements are typically pegged by cost inefficiencies, and JAL’s retirement of its 747 fleet–once the largest in the world–is the epitome of that maxim. As part of JAL’s multi-billion-dollar bankruptcy, the carrier will cut 16,000 staff and retire 103 aircraft, including all of its 747s, the last of which is due to leave the fleet […]

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Air Macau A321

Air Macau to Singapore, finally, but has the carrier woken up?

Photograph: AirSpace user commercial aviation Is it really, as the maxim goes, better late than never?Macau International Airport announced that its only hometown carrier, Air Macau, will operate a twice-weekly passenger service to Singapore in November and December, as we reported on our premium news source ATI. If you think an airline would have wanted […]

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Tiger vs AirAsia

It’s no secret by now. AirAsia and Tiger Airways aren’t the best of friends. And it’d be hard expecting them to, going by the intense competition for a bigger share in the Asia Pacific low-cost carrier market.But recently, the rivalry has gotten a lot more heated, and certainly, way more personal.Tiger Airways today issued a […]

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VIDEO: Air New Zealand gets frisky…

Air New Zealand’s marketing guys are fast becoming one of my favourites – this is just the latest in a series of brilliant and funny videos they have put out. Okay, these may not be to everyone’s taste. But take a chill pill, folks, sit back, and, erm, gently press the play button…

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AirAsia X sydney 2 (Custom).JPG

AirAsia X makes its case for Sydney – in the skies

AirAsia X knows a thing or two about making itself heard, especially when it comes to its bid to begin flights to Sydney. The airline has been trying to launch flights to the Australian city for a while now, but the Malaysian government has not given it rights to do so.The carrier’s CEO, Azran Osman […]

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Cebu Pacific cabin crew dance again

By now, you would have seen that video of Cebu Pacific cabin crew dancing to Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. The Philippine low-cost carrier had its cabin crew dancing again on a flight yesterday, but this time, the male flight attendants were the ones doing the boogeying. I’m not sure about you, but I think […]

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airasia ad

AirAsia takes a dig at Tiger

AirAsia took out a full-page advertisement in today’s Straits Times in Singapore, declaring “We’ve got the stripes – guaranteed to fly everyday” with “stripes” in big block letters coloured in with tiger stripes. If you’ve heard about Tiger Airways’ flight disruptions last weekend, you will see that the ad is a not-too-subtle jibe by AirAsia […]

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Deer Air A319

Little change in livery for Capital Airlines, new name of Deer Air

Back in February Hainan Airlines Group announced it would inject capital into Deer Air and rename the carrier Capital Airlines.The result of that deal has been brought to fruition in aircraft pictorial format. Photographer ESP captured at Airbus’s plant in Toulouse this new A320 for Capital Airlines bearing the new livery. Once you get past […]

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JAL 747-400

JAL vows to return to Sao Paulo

JAL’s 747-400 most recently operated the Tokyo-New York-Sao Paulo route, which the carrier has now ended. Photograph: AirSpace user Commercial Aviation. As part of its drastic restructure, JAL on Tuesday operated its final Sao Paulo-Tokyo (via New York JFK) flight, which it first started in 1978. JAL filed for bankruptcy in January after accruing $25.8b […]

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