Tiger vs AirAsia

It’s no secret by now. AirAsia and Tiger Airways aren’t the best of friends.

And it’d be hard expecting them to, going by the intense competition for a bigger share in the Asia Pacific low-cost carrier market.

But recently, the rivalry has gotten a lot more heated, and certainly, way more personal.

Tiger Airways today issued a statement, saying it is disappointed “to read reports that the head of AirAsia [Tony Fernandes] has passed racial remarks against Tiger Airways”.

It adds: “While we understand that we are intensifying the level of competition with our expansion across Asia, resorting to racial slurs is unbecoming and unnecessary. Tiger Airways is proud of our employees’ contributions regardless of their race or cultural background.  Positions are determined by merit alone. In any case, we happen to have a great racial and cultural diversity across our board, management and the rest of the organisation.”

Tiger’s statement was prompted by a story in the Bangkok Post, which quoted Fernandes extensively and had his views on Tiger’s senior management. While the story does not name anyone, it is obvious that Fernandes was referring to Tiger’s CEO Tony Davis.


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