Smells like…victory

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The recent transfer of five former US Army Bell UH-1 Hueysto the Philippinesmade me think of Francis Ford Coppola’s 1979 film Apocalypse Now.

Vietnambeing off limits, the film was shot entirely in the Philippines. The helicopters in thefamous Ride of the Valkyries attack scene were former Vietnam War choppersflown by Philippine Air Force crews. Several times during filming they brokeoff mid-scene – to Coppola’s horror – and flew off to bombard rebels operatingin the nearby jungle.

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The film is now a classic among war buffs. Like many classicaircraft, the film’s birth was a difficult one. The project ran years behindschedule, blew its budget, and suffered from several personnel changes. Atestament that something really cool can emerge from something really messy.

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