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“Here comes the shot…splashed three!”

Just days after I spotted Top Gun footage in the promotional video for China’s FTC-2000 Mountain Eagle advanced jet trainer, news broke that CCTV recently used air combat footage from Top Gun in a video about the J-10.What eighties movie will be next? Iron Eagle, Air Wolf, and Blue Thunder should all be in the […]

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GripenNG__10 - Saab.jpg

Saab offers Gripen flight at Aero India

Indian aviation fans should check out the ‘Gripen Top Gun’web site. The site gives enthusiasts the opportunity to take quizzes on Facebookabout the Saab JAS 39 Gripen IN. Those who perform well stand to win Gripen mementossuch as models, other collectables, tickets to Aero India, and simulatorflights.Finally, one lucky simulator pilot will get to ride […]

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F-22 at Aero India? Be dubious – very dubious.

The net is abuzz with a story that the F-22 Raptor may appear at the Aero India show in early February. I ran a quick check on Google news and it seems that only one publication, citing anonymous sources, is saying the F-22 will be there. Not one F-22, but two, both on static display.Yeah, […]

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FTC-2000 Mountain Eagle: Top Gun fighter!

I came across an impressive video Avic made a few years ago for the Guizhou FTC- 2000 Mountain Eagle. It has all the usual fighter plane video stuff: monumental music, competent looking pilots walking down the flight line, sunrise behind the plane, cool graphics – it’s all there.   The video hits its stride after […]

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AirAsia A320

‘Can I wear a miniskirt on board?’ and other passenger inquiries to AirAsia

Photograph: AirSpace user commercial aviation I was doing some Pongal spring cleaning (hey, I’m in India) and came across this collection from AirAsia’s in-flight magazine of “Curious Queries” the carrier’s customer care team have encountered.They were too funny not to share.“A lady once called in and asked if AirAsia allowed guests to wear miniskirts on […]

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Indian Sukhoi Su-30MKI

Delhi residents to aid in bird strike prevention

Aviation fans everywhere await the cool displaysat the upcoming Aero India show (9-13 February), but Delhiresidents are set to get a nice prequel on 26 January, when Indiacelebrates Republic Day.The aerial component of the planned parade will includeJaguars, Mig-29s, Su-30MKIs, helicopters, and transport planes. A verticalclimb by an Su-30MKI will mark the parade’s end.   […]

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J-20 new 2.jpg

Back in Black: more cool J-20 images

Following the J-20′s dramatic appearance a few weeks ago more images and movies have emerged on China’s Internet. A new video shows the aircraft apparently being towed. Security seems incredibly lax in this one as the avgeeks make little effort to hide their faces. It looks like they’ve found a great spot for a bit […]

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JAL 772 new livery mock up.jpg

JAL restores crane and brings retro fleet-wide

For those of you who bemoan the loss of classic airliners liveries, here is one you no longer have to miss.JAL says from 1 April it will bring back its tsurumaru livery, which depicts a red-crown crane with its wings fully extended, which JAL says is “an auspicious icon of Japan representing the high spirits […]

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Kai Tak nostalgia

Hong Kong’s Kai Tak Airport is long gone, but I recently had the chance to land there in a 737-800 flight simulator. The graphics weren’t too hot, but I got a great feel for that hard right turn immediately before landing. Luckily I wasn’t flying a real jet. Though I’ve flown a Cessna 172 and […]

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AK Kuching3.jpg

Photos: AirAsia A320 off runway at Kuching

These photos were sent to me, reportedly first posted in a Malaysian aviation forum. If you’re the photographer let me know.The photos show the seriousness of the incident, first reported as a minor sliding off the runway. The incident has largely been downplayed in the press by AirAsia’s and Tony Fernandes’s open comments, especially in […]

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