FTC-2000 Mountain Eagle: Top Gun fighter!

I came across an impressive video Avic made a few years ago for the Guizhou FTC- 2000 Mountain Eagle. It has all the usual fighter plane video stuff: monumental music, competent looking pilots walking down the flight line, sunrise behind the plane, cool graphics – it’s all there.  

The video hits its stride after three minutes when the combat starts. At 3:08  there is a high- speed pass that looks remarkably similar to a scene from a 1980s movie about naval fighter pilots. I seem to recall the movie starred a famous scientologist who freaks out in the climactic battle. After two minutes of inertia he rallies and downs three ‘MiG-30s’ – an aircraft that looked a lot like the F-5E Tiger II.  

At 3:49 the FTC-2000 gets even better, out manoeuvring an F-16 in a turning dogfight. When he finally lines up the falcon, he has time to press a button in the cockpit (ever heard of HOTAS?), turn a small knob, release the safety on the stick, and pull the trigger, sending a heat seeker into the hapless falcon. Boom!


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