IAF Shock and Awe

During my recent visit to India the Air Force was kind enoughto pass me a superb video of the IAF’s Vayu Shakti live fire demonstration inFebruary 2010. It provides some nice footage of Migs, particularly the Mig-21and Mig-27, Su-30MKIs, Jaguars (with one firing its cannon), and Mi-35helicopter gunships.

Though all the jets fly fast and look cool (well, prettymuch all fighter planes look cool) many of the planes, particularly the Migs,are in their sunset years. The Jaguars, however, are being upgraded.Surprisingly absent in the video are the IAF’s Mirage 2000s, which performedwell in the Kargil war of the late nineties and which are also undergoingupgrading.

One can’t help wondering what future aircraft such exerciseswill feature. The MMRCA will appear, as will the Tejas. Eventually the shadowymedium combat aircraft (MCA) will make its appearance, as well as the Indianversion of the PAK FA. 


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  1. RAF 4 January, 2011 at 11:10 pm #

    As far as I can see there is one Mirage, 1:50 in to the video. But other than that, I can not see that the Mirages are not promoted. A sign for the MMRCA competition? Probably not.

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