JAL restores crane and brings retro fleet-wide

JAL LOGO 110119.jpgFor those of you who bemoan the loss of classic airliners liveries, here is one you no longer have to miss.

JAL says from 1 April it will bring back its tsurumaru livery, which depicts a red-crown crane with its wings fully extended, which JAL says is “an auspicious icon of Japan representing the high spirits of the Japanese people and their sensitive attention to detail”.

The first aircraft to sport the old-cum-new livery will be a Boeing 767-300ER used on international flights. The carrier has released a mock up of what the livery will look like on its 777-200 aircraft. All of the airline’s corporate items, except staff uniforms, will be updated over the coming years.

The livery change marks the carrier’s enormous and, at times, embattled transition and re-structure. By dropping its current “Arc of the Sun” livery, introduced in 2002, and bringing back the old tsurumaru, JAL hopes to bring back the old–and better–days of the company’s storied history.

“Japan Airlines started out as a pioneer and ventured on a path where no other company in Japan explored,” JAL Group President Masaru Onishi candidly says.

“Today, we firmly resolve to recapture the unity and challenging spirit that our employees possessed at the time of JAL’s founding, and together, we will propel the company forward over the hurdles that lie ahead to again stand at the forefront of this ever-evolving industry,” Masaru says undoubtedly in reference to JAL’s disenfranchised employees, many of whom have had salaries and pensions cut and seen colleagues leave.

“We hereby renew our commitment to provide our valued customers with the highest levels of service, and to diligently raise our corporate value so that the JAL Group can once again contribute to the advancement of society.”

The tsurumaru was first registered as a trademark in August 1959 and was the carrier’s livery for over 40 years until Landor’s 2002 re-branding wrought by JAL and Japan Air System merging. The logo even survived a 1986 PR campaign to rouse support for the carrier after a major crash the previous year.

JAL 772 new livery mock up.jpg

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  1. 7K7 4 February, 2011 at 8:21 pm #

    Now can BA bring back the speed bird? *Please?* :-)

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