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Bizarre twist in T-50 Indonesia campaign

South Korean and Indonesian newspapers are abuzz with a bizarretwist in Seoul‘squest to find a foreign client for the Korea Aerospace Industries/LockheedMartin T-50 Golden Eagle.Essentially two men and a woman allegedly from South Korea‘s spy agency, the NationalIntelligence Service, recently broke into a Seoul hotel room occupied by a member of avisiting Indonesian trade delegation. […]

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Avalon Australia: could Australia’s LHDs one day operate F-35Bs?

  One likely sideconversation at next week’s Avalon air show is likely to be about the recentlaunch of the HMAS Canberra in Spain.The Canberra will be Australia‘s first LHD (landinghelicopter dock) and is likely to become operational in 2014, with a sistership, the HMAS Adelaide, to follow in 2015.These willbe the largest ships the Australian […]

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A stroll across Aero India 2011

Aero India is over. Can’t quite believe it as I’ve been preoccupied with researching and writing features for this major show since I joined FlightGlobal in October. In this video I walk from the chalet row to the Flight Daily News office clear on the other side of the show. While the video is not […]

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Aero India: Hey what’s that foam on that fighter jet?

If you’re at Aero India this week, or looking at our photos or videos, you may notice some jets have chunks of foam wedged in awkward places. But FOD it’s not: the foam, seen below on a Super Hornet, is an easy and delay-free solution to keep flaps and ailerons level instead of letting the […]

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Aero India: GI Joes make a comeback

Colleague Greg Waldron–also known as Garg Valdron to some Aero India organizers prone to misspellings–and I had had a good time roaming the Aero India exhibit halls and seeing the latest aircraft models. One that stuck was Hindustan Aeronatuics Limited’s model of their proposed Multirole Transport Aircraft, and who they envision flying it. Our badges […]

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#Aero India Slideshow: Boeing’s advanced Super Hornet options

At #AeroIndia today Boeing announced advanced Super Hornet options. See our slideshow below of the mock-up of the features on a production Super Hornet. For more on Aero India visit our dedicated show site here.

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Aero India: Missing the Super Duper Hornet

I’d like to think I know a thing or two about fighters,especially popular ones such as Boeing’s F-18 E/F Super Hornet, which I’veprobably seen a few thousand times in print and a dozen times in person.Hence my dismay when reviewing the flight line this morning.The second F-18 on the line looked different: conformal fuel tanks, […]

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LCH at the Bangalore baggage carousel

Arriving in Bangalorelast night it was cool to see that Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. (HAL) isdominating the signage in the airport arrival area. Above the immigrationcounters was a big HAL sign with a Tejas, SU-30MKI, and Light Combat Helicopter- all of which should fly at the show. I would have snapped a photo, but therewere dozens […]

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Aero India: MMRCA must read

A big thumbs up to Ashley J. Tellis of the CarnegieEndownment for International Peace. Over the last week I’ve been greatlyenjoying his 133 page epic about the Medium Multi-role Combat Aircraftcompetition.Of particular interest were his in-depth commentsabout the AESA radars. While the Europeans all have development models, the US aircraftalready have fully functional systems. The chart […]

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Coming soon: Air Do’s bear-themed 737

Japanese carriers are known for their playful if eccentric special liveries (Pokemon, anyone?) and special livery newcomer Air Do does not disappoint with its plans to paint a Boeing 737 in this cuddly livery. The aircraft, nicknamed Bear-Do, is due to enter service 27 March, Airline Route says.(Image: Air Do)

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