LCH at the Bangalore baggage carousel

LCH ad in Bangalore Airport.jpg

Arriving in Bangalorelast night it was cool to see that Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. (HAL) isdominating the signage in the airport arrival area. Above the immigrationcounters was a big HAL sign with a Tejas, SU-30MKI, and Light Combat Helicopter- all of which should fly at the show. I would have snapped a photo, but therewere dozens of cops (some with assault rifles) standing about, and gettingarrested would be a less than ideal way to start the trip.

In the baggage area there was more HAL stuff, mostly aboutthe LCH. How often does one see an attack helicopter ad at an airport baggagecarousel?

I got up close and personal with the LCH during a visit toHAL’s factory in December. The prototype was disassembled, but I was told thatit would be ready for its air show flying debut this month.

I look forward to visiting the HAL stand this week. Asidefrom the range of aircraft they currently produce, it will be interesting tosee any new design concepts.  

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