AVALON: cool 747-400 video and personal appeal to USAF

Before coming here somebody told me that Avalon is a terrific show for people who love planes. He was right, hanging out in the chalet row over lunch we were treated to a close up of a Qantas 747-400 taking off just 100 meters away. Not part of the show, but it was fun to watch this baby lift off. Best of all, the grass was recently cut, so the engines blew grass over the entire crowd.

Big disappointment is the F-22s. Yes, it’s cool they are here on static, but I would much prefer to see them in the air. Much better to bring down one Raptor and have it do a demo, rather than two Raptors cooped up and surrounded by guards and attack dogs. Come on, USAF, give the people what they want. 

Hope for tomorrow? A B-1B takeoff. My colleague said it would happen today at 16:40, but no luck.

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