AVALON: Cool B-1B take off; farewell Melbourne

Though the airshow at Avalon will continue until Sunday, it’s over for me: I’m in Melbourne Airport, waiting to board an SIA 747-400 back to Singapore. SIA is gradually phasing out the 747, so will this be the last time I fly the type on SIA?

Anyway, my last day at Avalon was excellent. Aside from a fascinating briefing on the F-35, I had my first opportunity to explore the cavernous C-17. The highlight of the day from a plane watching perspective was watching the B-1B take off. Truly awesome.

 All the American kit at the show drove home to me how close Australia and the United States truly are. For the show America sent two F-22s (sadly they didn’t perform), F-16s, two B-1s, tankers, a C-17, and the MH-60R Romeo. American officers were everywhere, and the Romeo briefing included a talk by a serving US admiral.

 Shall be boarding soon. Look forward to my next trip here in two years.


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