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Australia’s defence budget: A$72,766,619.18 per day

Think tank Australian Strategic Policy Institute has produceda 255 page report titled the Cost of Defence about Australia‘s2011-2012 defence budget. It pegs the daily expenditure at A$72.8 million ($77million). While the report touches on all aspects of Australia‘smilitary. It expresses doubts that  Australiais on-track to achieve Force 2030, the high-tech, flexible force envisaged in a2009 government white […]

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PAC, CATIC discuss JF-17 in radio clip

Came across a clip on Youtube about the Chengdu JF-17 (AKA FC-1 Xialong in China). Owing to the still images I assume this was a radio interview. Interesting to learn that China has 35 staff at Pakistan’s Kamra factory to support the joint production programme.The JF-17 will make its international air show flying debut at […]

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VIDEOS: RSAF and RTAF in show-off mode

Southeast Asia‘s two most powerfulair forces are in PR mode this week. In conjunction with this weekend’s open house for the publicat Paya Labar airbase, the Republic of Singapore Air Force has postedsome cool videos on its web site – and buzzed the city countless times with Boeing F-15SGs.  Singapore‘ was kind enough to upload […]

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IAF Sukhoi 4.jpg

PICTURES: PAK FA performs for IAF chief

Indian Air Force Chief Pradeep Vasant Naik recently visitedthe Gromov Flight Research Institute to check on progress with the FifthGeneration Fighter Aircraft (FGFA) being jointly developed by Russia and India from the developmental SukhoiPAK FA aircraft. During the visit he was treated to flying display of the PAKFA and also got to check out the […]

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Came across an image on the Chinese internet of what appearsto be the Chengdu J-10B. Remarkablythe radome is open, showing what could well be an active electronically scannedarray (AESA) radar. Though the developmental J-20 has received all theattention this year, it is the J-10A and J-10B that will be the mainstay of thePLAAF in the […]

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Kaboom! Refueling plans ablaze by the sea

Following news of the – thankfully non-lethal – Omega Aerial Refueling 707 crash in California,I can’t help but wonder how this will affect air forces and upcoming air shows. Until the K-707 crashed with 150,000lbs of jet fuel, Omegahad just two K-707s and one KDC-10 tanker.   I saw the KDC-10 at Aero India a few months ago. […]

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Photo: Shenyang J-15, China’s carrier fighter

Trolling through the China Military Aviation site thismorning I came across a recent photo of the the Shenyang J-15. The aircraft is acopy of the old Soviet Su-33  destinedfor use on China’s aircraft carrier – formerly Russia’s Varyag, apparentlyre-named the Shi Lang (after a 17th century admiral who conqueredTaiwan). As with the Su-33, the Chinese […]

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Pakistan, the DSCA, and unintended irony

Government bureaucrats are not known for their wit, but Iexpect one or two from the US Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) got achuckle recently from a routine notice of a possible sale of aircraft spareparts to Pakistan.The $62 million deal outlined in the 12 May news releasesays Pakistanis in the market for spare parts for […]

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