Asiana A320 incident: send cards


There has been an outcry in South Korea about the bizarreincident in which two Korean marines fired over 100 rounds at an Asiana A320 theymistook for a North Korean bomber. Oddly they did not shoot at the plane thatover flew them 20 minutes earlier, and the ones before that – flight paths are,if anything, predictable.

Following the worrying incident (what if the marineshad a MANPAD?) South Koreans are calling for improved training of theirsoldiers. I propose a simpler solution. Back in WWII soldiers were issuedplaying cards with aircraft silhouettes. The idea was to help them familiarizethemselves with allied types. I’m not sure how many aircraft (if any) suchcards saved from friendly fire, but it would be a good, low cost solution forthe South Koreans and provided a much needed PR opportunity. 

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