Singapore Girl: You’ve Found A Not So Great Way to Sleep

I came across this article, “Should an SIA Girl sleep among passenger seats?”, by accident and it sparked my curiosity. In it, a passenger surnamed Tan was on board a Singapore Airlines flight from Christchurch to Singapore and he or she said:

“I was amazed to see the stewardesses on the flight take their rest among the passengers.”

The passenger asked why there was a shortage of a cabin crew bunks, and that other passengers were asking those crew who were resting for drinks. In response, a Singapore Airlines spokesman said:

“The absence of bunks was in line with guidelines set by the Air Operator Certificate Requirements, which states that rest is only mandatory for cabin crew members who are on duty for 14h or more.”

The article continues to say: “It is understood that there are no bunks for in-flight crew onboard some SIA flights to and from Christchurch and Auckland as the aircraft used for the flights — a variant of the Boeing 777 — do not come with crew bunks. That has been the situation since last July.”

(Note: Based on the information in Innovata, SIA operates Boeing 777-200/200ER and 777-300 variants on both Auckland and Christchurch routes. The configuration varies on each plane type.)

The article quotes an unnamed cabin crew, who lamented that she got very little rest as a result of passengers approaching her and her colleagues for service on the Singapore-Auckland flights, which are almost 10h long.

500blog-sqgirls_070458.jpgWhen I posted the link on my Facebook and Twitter accounts, the response I got ranged from surprise to criticism of the article, of the passenger who recounted his experience, and The New Paper tabloid which first published the article.

I agree with the criticisms. As one tweet put it: “…why are the people so mean and are they stupid?”


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