Photo: Y-9 could be undergoing flight testing

Shaanxi Y-9

The world faces a glut of medium-sized military transport.Aside from Lockheed Martin’s popular C-130J, there is Embraer’s KC390, India and Russia‘smulti-role transport aircraft, Japan‘s Kawasaki C-2, and China‘sdevelopmental Shaanxi Y-9.

Last week a picture emerged on a Chinese military website( of what is apparently a prototype of the Y-9.Following this, an industry source told Flightglobbal that it has yet toconduct its first flight, but earlier this week a news story appeared on theInternet that it was undergoing flight testing. 

What’s going on? Hard to say, but China needs to replace itsold Y-8s, so we’ll be hearing more about the Y-9 – perhaps even an appearanceat Zhuhai in 2012.

Y-9 drawing.jpg

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