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J-2X Fighter Jet_1.jpg

J-2X – yet another regional fighter?

I came across a blog entry claiming that Pakistanand Chinaplan to co-develop a ‘fourth generation stealth fighter’ called the J-2X. Theimages below first appeared on the Asian Defence News blog site. The aircraft looks like a hodgepodge of existing types -none of them stealthy. The J-2X’s clipped delta wing is reminiscent of the F-16and JF-17, the […]

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F-22 image for door story.jpg

Now open! The J-20′s weapons bay doors

This week’s batch of Chengdu J-20 photos apparently show theaircraft with its weapons bay doors open. Something has been bothering me about the J-20, and finallyI realize what it is. The aircraft’s landing gear and weapons bay doors allhave long, straight edges.  I don’t claimto be an expert on stealth technology, but aircraft covers with angled […]

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Flightglobal tip: don’t attack army helos with pickaxes

Perhaps I’m missing something, but I’m stunned by theA$200,000 claim the Australian Army has made against Bryan Law, the peace protestorwho used a garden pickaxe to smack a small hole into a Eurocopter Tiger attackhelicopter last month during the Talisman Sabre exercise.   According to a story in the North Shore & Coolum News, theclaim […]

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Taiwan’s 66 F-16 C/Ds: the Ohio and Florida problem

Wendell Minnick’s Defense News story that a US delegation visited Taiwanto tell Taipeithat the deal for 66 F-16 C/Ds is dead has created a stir in the region’sdefence circles. Officials from both the USand Taiwanrushed to deny the report. Nonetheless, virtually every pundit, journalist,official, and industry executive I’ve spoken to privately feels that Taiwan won’t […]

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Taipei’s A380 theme restaurant

During myrecent trip to TaipeiI came across an interesting restaurant. The A380 Sky Kitchen is clearly thebrain child of an avid commercial aviation fan. I hope the food is better thanthat served by the real airlines. 

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TADTE attendance reflects China fear factor

Taiwan‘srequirement for 66 new F-16 C/Ds is no diminutive affair. Regional requirementsfor fewer aircraft such as Malaysia‘snew fighter (16-18 aircraft), Japan‘sFX-II (42), and Korea‘sFX-III (60) have attracted intense interest from the heavy hitters: Boeing,Lockheed Martin, Rafale, Eurofighter, Saab, and even the Russians. In such competitions the biggies spend small fortunes onelaborate stands at local air […]

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TADTE: UCAVs and carrier killers

Quite enjoying the world of Taiwan military aviation on show atthe Taipei Aerospace & Defense Technology Exhibition (TADTE, which everyonepronounces as ‘TATE’). The most striking thing by far is the belligerent videos andimages the Taiwan Ministry of National Defense has on display. A video in the stand of Chung-Shan Institute of  Science and Technology (above) […]

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India’s answer to the X-37B?

India’s IDRW blog posted an intriguingimage (above) earlier this week of what appears to be India’s answer to theBoeing X-37B (picture below). The spacecraft pictured is just a model, but accordingto IDRW India plans a vehicle to test reusable unmanned spacecraft technologies. TheRussian’s are also working on a reusable unmanned system. Though the X-37B programme […]

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J-10B with J-20.jpg

Photos: J-10A vs. J-10B recognition tips

Images have emerged this week of the ChengduJ-10B (above), with bloggers speculating that the aircraft is powered by the indigenous Shenyang  WS-10 engine, which is also used on the J-11 Su-27 copy. There is also some comment about the bulges before the canards.  For the casual observer, there are a few quick ways to tellthe […]

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