India’s answer to the X-37B?

India X-37B.jpg

India’s IDRW blog posted an intriguingimage (above) earlier this week of what appears to be India’s answer to theBoeing X-37B (picture below).

The spacecraft pictured is just a model, but accordingto IDRW India plans a vehicle to test reusable unmanned spacecraft technologies. TheRussian’s are also working on a reusable unmanned system.

Though the X-37B programme is shrouded insecrecy, its possible applications boggle the mind.  Such spacecraft could be sent up quickly toreplace satellites shot down early in a war, and theoretically take evasiveaction if attacked. They could also have a role in guiding UAVs and UCAVs overenemy territory, and even carry weapons into space, either for attackingtargets on earth or for disrupting enemy satellites.  

Boeing X-37B.jpg


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