J-2X – yet another regional fighter?

I came across a blog entry claiming that Pakistanand Chinaplan to co-develop a ‘fourth generation stealth fighter’ called the J-2X. Theimages below first appeared on the Asian Defence News blog site.

J-2X Fighter Jet.jpg

The aircraft looks like a hodgepodge of existing types -none of them stealthy. The J-2X’s clipped delta wing is reminiscent of the F-16and JF-17, the intakes scream F/A-18 E/F Super Hornet, and the tail plane,again, is very F-16.

Is this for real? Possibly. Chengdu and the Pakistan Aeronautical Complexworked closely on the JF-17 programme, with this aircraft steadily enteringservice in the Pakistan Air Force. Based on these rudimentary images the J-2Xwould not appear to offer much over the Chengdu J-10B, of which Pakistanreportedly signed for 36 in 2009, though this deal has yet to be officiallyconfirmed. CATIC reps just smile and shake their head when I ask themabout it.

Then again, with the JF-17 put to bed Pakistan will presumablywant to keep its aerospace engineers busy. Military aircrafthave far more to do with politics and jobs than with defence requirements andcommon sense.

Perhaps the J-2X will join other regional fighter programmes, such as India’smedium combat aircraft (MCA), Tokyo’s ATD-X, and the KF-X that will be developedby Seoul and Jakarta. 

J-2X Fighter Jet_1.jpg

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