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PICTURES: Kawasaki XP-1 sports anti-ship missiles

The Japan Security Watch blog has published images of theKawasaki XP-1 maritime patrol aircraft conducting flight tests with two Type-91 anti-ship missiles onits inboard missile pylons. The two outboard pylons, between engines 1-2 and3-4, are empty in the photos. Japancurrently has two aircraft for flight tests and two for ground tests. In Augustwe reported that […]

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JASDF video: goodies but oldies

My colleague Stephen Trimble of The Dew Line blog alerted methis morning to a good Friday video from Japan. Pretty much every Japanese Air Self Defense Force aircraft shows up, notably thedevelopmental XC-2 transport. The only disappointment is that the XP-1 maritime patrol aircraft doesn’t make an appearance. Highlights are the F-4EJ Phantoms, as wellas XC-2 […]

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Leaked Sea Gripen briefing emerges in India

Indiadefence blog Livefist has published a briefing about the proposed naval variantof Saab’s Gripen fighter. The idea of a Sea Gripen is nothing new. In late Maythe company announced that it would set up a design centre for the proposedaircraft in the UK.As for the presentation itself, page five caught my eye, asit shows the […]

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MiG-21 touches down on Auckland roof

Came across a great story on the Auckland Now web site of a New Zealandbusinessman who has mounted a Mikoyan Gurevich MiG-21 on the roof of hisoffice building. The report says Manfred Bennet plans to put fabric around the aircraft’stail and then blow it with a fan to give the impression the aircraft is flying. […]

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Heightened insecurity: anecdotes from the pre-9/11 era

In Martin Amis’s 1984 novel ‘Money’ the main character has a nifty trick when running late for a flight. Before leaving home he would call JFK with a bomb threat, specifying his flight number. By the time the bomb squad worked out that the threat was a hoax, he would have arrived and checked in. […]

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Will A400M make it to LIMA?

Southeast Asia is enteringair show season. In December there is the Langkawi International Maritime &Aerospace Exhibition (LIMA) and in February 2012 the Singapore Air Show. The big question visitors will be asking is will Airbusbring the A400M. Malaysiais the first international buyer of the giant turboprop airlifter, with plansto acquire four. For my part I […]

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Tiger’s future after Tony Davis looks familar

Singapore’s Tiger Airways is at a crossroads now that its founding CEO, Tony Davis, is leaving the low-cost carrier on 1 November. His position became untenable after Tiger’s Australian operations were grounded on 1 July due to safety reasons. Tiger’s shareholders Singapore Airlines and Temasek – Singapore’s national investment arm – were increasingly unhappy at […]

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Chinese Predator UAV look-alike crashes

The China Defence Mashup web site has published a photopurporting to be of a crashed Chinese unmanned aerial vehicle. To me it lookslike the Pterodactyl, which itself looks like the General Atomics MQ-1Predator. Apparently it went down in China‘sHebeiprovince. Villagers snapped the above photo before the military cordonedoff the area. Aside from some interesting stuff about […]

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