IAF gets serious about games

Su-30MKI India's Multi-role Aircraft2.jpgThe Indian Air Force has issued a tender for a war gamingcentre. This is not surprising in itself: for years the world’s air forces havefought battles in simulated environments.

It is, however, of interest to look at some of the requirementsthe IAF is looking for, as the centre will encompass all aspects of warfare,from tactical to strategic.

Below are some bullets that caught my eye: 

  • System should be able to generate scenario and simulation atstrategic and operational levels. The facility should have capability to play the war game in coordinationwith or independently from varied locations across the country.
  • The system should have the capability of populatingdifferent scenarios at strategic level in conjunction with other agencies both military andcivil at national level. 
  • Should be capable of providing and incorporating Out of AreaContingencies.
  • Army/ Naval Forces Deployment.   Should be capable of deploying Army andNaval forces and factor them in overall simulation model.  Capability to show relative movement of theseforces would help in planning and execution of joint operations.
  • The system should incorporate ops, maint and adm aspects inscenario building,simulation and result generation in both low resolution andhigh resolution models at any stage.
  • Must be capable of addressing higher level issues ofapplication of air power and allow the players to learn higher level issues  of application of air power. The system should be capable of explicitly defining thesituation.
  • The system design model should be able to inject an elementof uncertainty during the execution of the war game.
  • The system should allow the IAF to explore the  role and potential effects of human behaviour and human decisions.
  • Capability to simulate joint (Army-Air, Navy-Air, as well astri-services) operational environment. 

 At the Avalon air show in March I received a one-on-onebriefing from Elbit Systems on their training products. Their systems canrope in an incredible range of platforms, from pilots in simulators on the groundto pilots in real aircraft. The range of missions these vast teams can practiceis mind boggling.


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