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2011′s Top 5 Asia Pacific defence aerospace stories

As 2011 draws to a close it is time for a retrospectiveabout the Asia Pacific’s top five defence aerospace stories. This list is by nomeans exhaustive, and plenty more happened that is of great importance. I’veselected the stories below owing to their industrial importance or strategic ramifications in the coming decade. 1) Hello World! The […]

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Pictures: Air New Zealand’s All Blacks Boeing 777-300ER

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VIDEO: GP-powered F-22 in action…

After reading my last blog entry the folks at GP Batteries droppedme an email and suggested I ad their Youtube link. Here it is… Love how the pilots call a ‘mayday’ when running out of fuel.I guess they also realized that their aircraft are not equipped for hose anddrogue refuelling. 

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Rechargable, green powerplant option for F-22?

Hong Kong battery maker GP Batteriesis advertising a novel powerplant option for what appears to be the LockheedMartin F-22A Raptor. The ads for the new powerplant, essentially a mega-sized AA battery, are increasingly showing up on Singapore‘sdouble decker buses. To investigate the new powerplant I called the GP Batteries office in Singapore. “Why did you select […]

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PICTURES: KC-30A at LIMA; A330 MRTT for Singapore?

One of the highest profile aircraft at last week’s LIMA showwas the RAAF Airbus KC-30A (A330 multi role tanker transport). This was thefirst time the aircraft travelled abroad under the Australian flag. Its crewprovided a comprehensive update of the type’s introduction into RAAF service. During the show the aircraft received delegations fromSingapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia. […]

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Langkawi high: one hour as a Super Hornet jock

Taking off in the backseat of a Boeing F/A-18F Super Hornet is,for lack of a better word, awesome. As the afterburners light up the runwayraces by on both sides. Your back presses hard against the ejection seat andthings seem to happen very, very fast. Courtesy of Boeing I had the chance to experience this verysensation […]

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VIDEO: RAAF gets busy with KC-30A trials

The Royal Australian Air Force has posted a video of itsAirbus KC-30A (A330 multi-role tanker transport) conducting dry and wetcontacts with an F/A-18F Super Hornet. The RAAF’s Classic Hornets and SuperHornets can rely on the hose and drogue system for the time being. The boom is primarilyintended for the RAAF’s planned fleet of Lockheed Martin […]

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Spotting tips: can that Super Hornet become a Growler?

The other day Australianmilitary expert Andrew McLaughlin shared a trio of photos (below) showing the extrabumps and lumps that distinguish Boeing F/A-18F Super Hornets that are wiredfor upgrading to E/A-18 Growlers. “There is a lump on thespine, and two on the lower rear fuselage which are apertures for future antennainstallations,” wrote Andrew. ” Other mods […]

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