Rechargable, green powerplant option for F-22?

GP battery bus ad.jpg.jpg

Hong Kong battery maker GP Batteriesis advertising a novel powerplant option for what appears to be the LockheedMartin F-22A Raptor. The ads for the new powerplant, essentially a mega-sized AA battery, are increasingly showing up on Singapore‘sdouble decker buses.

To investigate the new powerplant I called the GP Batteries office in Singapore.

“Why did you select this particular aircraft for the ad?” Iasked.

Here is the spokeswoman’s reply: “The rationale for this aircraft was because this plane is the most awesome in the US Air Force, fast and powerful and most important of all can refuel – just like our battery – can recharge.” 

Perhaps GP’s next move will be an alternative to thePratt & Whitney F135 powerplant for the F-35. Apparently there is an opening in this niche. 

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