Spotting tips: can that Super Hornet become a Growler?

FA18 second pic for Asian skies.jpg

The other day Australianmilitary expert Andrew McLaughlin shared a trio of photos (below) showing the extrabumps and lumps that distinguish Boeing F/A-18F Super Hornets that are wiredfor upgrading to E/A-18 Growlers.

“There is a lump on thespine, and two on the lower rear fuselage which are apertures for future antennainstallations,” wrote Andrew. ” Other mods include provision for additionalavionics racks in the nose gun bay area and in the LEXs, and heavier gaugewiring and wider conduits in the wings.”

Pretty cool. Twelve ofAustralia’s 24 Super Hornets can be upgraded to the Growler standard.

Andrew has already writtenone book about Australia’s F-18s, and is planning another for the first quarterof 2012. He is the Editor of Australian Defence Business Review and the DefenceIndustry & Aerospace Report. He is also Deputy Editor of the AustralianAviation web site.



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