Close up of J-10B and J-20 AESA set?

China's AESA Radar.jpg

I stumbled across an image of what is supposedly the activeelectronically scanned array (AESA) radar for the J-10B and J-20 at the AsianDefence News site. I have no idea as to the image’s provenance (it is verylikely a model), but a similar set was photographed on a J-10B test aircraft atChengdu last year (below).

China's AESA Radar On J-10B.jpg

The structure around the radar suggests this is the mountingfor the J-10. The real radar probably has several more boxes – note the amountof fuselage space occupied by the guts of Raytheon’s APG-79 AESA set for theF/A-18 E/F Super Hornet (below).

The radar is also not hinged. Representatives of Eurofighterand Gripen NG like to talk about how the AESA mounts on their aircraft can swingleft or right. They claim this improves the set’s field of regard, and is anadvantage over the fixed mounts on aircraft such as the Super Hornet andRafale. A two ship formation with hinged AESAs can scan further to the left andright, they say, and it improves an aircraft’s ability’s to ‘look sideways’over borders (or enemy lines).


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