MMRCA: the vigil continues

Eurofighter Hi-Res.jpgIndia’s Economic Times has reported that the MMRCA contractcould be announced within ten days, qouting sources.  Of course, on 21 December India’s BusinessStandard said a decision was coming ‘within a fortnight.’ In February last year,the Hindu qouted none less than the Air Chief himself as saying the deal wouldbe signed by September 2011.

The only definitive story announcing a winner came Fridayfrom Grande Strategy, a blog apparently based in Pakistan that purports toprovide and ‘Islamic perspective’ on geopolitical security issues.  Grande Strategy quotes unammed sources assaying that the Eurofighter won. As The Aviationist points out, however, theauthors of Grande Strategy are not likely to be that well plugged into Delhi’sdecision making apparatus. And in any case the Indian MoD has played the MMRCAcards close to its chest for years now.

The best summing up of what is happening is probablyLivefist’s posting on Friday, which suggests that Delhi could make the announcement before Republic Day on the 26th


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