VIDEO: vintage TV show about RSAF

While researching my features that will run in FlightInternational the week of the Singapore Air Show, I came across this cool retrovideo of a 1988 Singapore TV series about the RSAF.  There is some good footage of a number oftypes, including the F-5 and A-4. Surprisingly the F-16 doesn’t make anappearance – perhaps at the time this type was deemed too sensitive.

For fighter aficionados this year’s show looks like prettyslim pickings. The flying display list is short: F-15SG, F-16 C/D, RAAFRoulettes, and the Blair Rebel 3000. In year’s past the show offered hardcore displays by aircraft like the F-111, the B-1B, A380, and even Russiantypes. There could be more flying displays than what’s currently listed (I’ve heard the RMAF’s MiG-29equipped Smokey Bandits will be at the show) but the show organizer seemsagonizingly slow about updating the site.

At least the 787 will be on static, but what of Airbus? TheRAAF isn’t sending a KC-30A, the A400M is needed for tests in Europe, and theA380 is, well, a bit common these days. 

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