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Singapore Fokker 50 video: better late than never

I quite enjoyed this video of RSAF Fokker 50 operations overthe Gulf of Aden last year. I found it interesting that despite the sensorpod under the fuselage they still have a photographer snapping away in thecabin and then loading the photos onto a laptop.  I would expect that the pod under thefuselage is much better […]

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Airbus ACJ380 - Bedroom.jpg

ACJ380: not quite a party palace

In 2006, around the time the Airbus A380 was preparing toenter service, a friend and I speculated about how we  would furnish an A380 private jet if, bychance, one us received a staggering windfall. Guests would enter a large hall on the first deck where theywould be entertained by bands such as U2 and The […]

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China’s killer VTOL UAVs

Last September’s Beijing Aviation Expo was primarily acommercial affair, but there were a bunch of cool VTOL UAVs on static in the lobby. These included the SVU200, a creation of US UAV designer DennisFetters, that had its first flight recently. While all the UAVs were ostensibly being pitched for ho hum peacefulcivilian purposes – pipeline […]

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Tahun Baru Hadir dengan Seragam Baru

Citilink aims to be true LCC with new image

Garuda Indonesia’s low-cost arm Citilink has been busy – coming up with a new livery, website, and even moving to a new office – all to separate itself from its parent. Its vice-president Con Korfiatis, who is perhaps best remembered for his role as founding chief operating officer of Jetstar Asia, believes separation is the […]

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SGA2012: Jackie Chan beats rush hour with his 650

For many owners and users of private jets, mostly rich businessmen or company executives (high net-worth individuals, in the industry parlance) who need to zip around from one place to another without being held back by airline schedules, these aircraft are a business tool. Yet, most people are more familiar with the glamorous side of […]

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SGA2012: Saying a sad goodbye to SIA’s 747s

As a young boy who dreamed of flying around the world, I had a fixation with the Concorde and the Boeing 747. Even now, just talking about these two beautiful aircraft or writing about them brings a silly smile to my face. I never flew on the Concorde, although I got a photo of myself […]

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SGA2012: RSAF unveils the first F-15SG, F-16C joint display

Yet again I’m impressed by the creativity displayed by oneof the region’s air forces in putting together a flying display to impress bothfrequent air show visitors and the the general public. The RSAF plans on teaming its new F-15SG with an F-16C in ajoint aerobatics display, certainly an unusual teaming of aircraft. A few hoursago […]

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SGA2012: So many aircraft, so little time.

Flightglobal’s plans for the Singapore Airshow 2012 arewell afoot. Looks like it’s going to be a super busy week on the defenceside. There will be two of us coveringit, myself (@asiajetwatch) and my colleague @sivag. Unfortunately, as is always the case at air shows, a lot ofthe briefings clash with each other and with individual […]

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Naval Tejas.jpg

Surprise! Naval Tejas criticised

Came across two cool news items from India today, bothinvolving naval aviation. The first is a story in the The Hindu in which the Chief ofthe Naval Staff Admiral Nirmal Verma said the Aeronautical DevelopmentAgency had let the service down with the Naval version of the HindustanAeronautics Ltd. Tejas Light Combat Aircraft. “They focused largely on […]

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Something fishy about this Philippine air strike news

I’m intrigued by today’s news of a Philippine Air Force airstrike against a terrorist camp on the southern island of Sulu. According toreports, a pair of PAF OV-10 Broncos dropped four 500lb bombs during the 3amraid, killing 15 terrorists (2000lbs of HE packs a hell of a punch). Among thecasualties was one terrorist with a […]

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