ACJ380: not quite a party palace

Airbus ACJ380 cutaway.jpg

In 2006, around the time the Airbus A380 was preparing toenter service, a friend and I speculated about how we  would furnish an A380 private jet if, bychance, one us received a staggering windfall.

Guests would enter a large hall on the first deck where theywould be entertained by bands such as U2 and The Police (hey, money is noobject here). The after parts of the lower deck would be taken up by a swankybar, a night club (with hot tub), and a chill out lounge.

The upper deck would be occupied by private luxuryapartments. Guests on the main deck would live in hope of receiving an inviteto enjoy the varied wonders of the upper deck.  

Airbus ACJ380.jpg

Anything bearing even the slightest resemblance to aneconomy class seat would be most strictly banned.

Though staid private jet salesmen bristle at the stereotypeof private jet users as playboys and rock stars, and prefer to call theiraircraft ‘business tools’, our private A380 would be about babes, bling, andbooze.

Airbus ACJ380 - lounge.jpg

Over drinks at an air show last year I asked arepresentative of Airbus Corporate Jets how customers might configure theirpersonal ACJ380. He told me that clients in the Middle East (probably the onlypart of the world where there is enough personal wealth for ACJ380s) tend tofocus on carrying people. VIPs from this part of he world have vast entourageswho are inevitably accompanied by a legion of maids and other aides.

On a disc Airbus passed me at the Singapore Airshow, therewere a few images of a proposed ACJ380 interior. There is plenty of room forfriends, but it is not exactly a party palace. That said, I expect my friendswould still be impressed if I were to fly them around in one of these ultimateprivate jets.

Airbus ACJ380 - Bedroom.jpg


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