China’s killer VTOL UAVs

Last September’s Beijing Aviation Expo was primarily acommercial affair, but there were a bunch of cool VTOL UAVs on static in the lobby. These included the SVU200, a creation of US UAV designer DennisFetters, that had its first flight recently.

While all the UAVs were ostensibly being pitched for ho hum peacefulcivilian purposes – pipeline patrol, environmental monitoring, crop dusting (yawn), and so forth,virtually every stand had at least one picture of their UAV armed up withrockets and the sensors to direct them.

The main SVU200 brochure, for instance, shows the aircraft with 18rocket tubes and an EO/IR sensor. Given that advances in technology make it affordable to have smallguided rockets in the 70mm range, the SVU200 could pack a heck of a punchin PLA service. There can be little doubt that these systems will also find a fertilemarket in Africa, the Middle East, and Africa. 



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