Citilink aims to be true LCC with new image


Garuda Indonesia’s low-cost arm Citilink has been busy – coming up with a new livery, website, and even moving to a new office – all to separate itself from its parent.

Its vice-president Con Korfiatis, who is perhaps best remembered for his role as founding chief operating officer of Jetstar Asia, believes separation is the only way forward for the Indonesian LCC.

A key factor for Jetstar Asia’s success, was its separation from parent Qantas Airways, he said.

And so the carrier has been working up a sweat, prepping its staff and customers for a new  ”true low-cost image”. After months of work, all it lacks now is perhaps its very own air operator’s certificate (AOC).

With its own AOC, it will no longer have to stick to practices designed with the legacy carrier in mind. With its own AOC and livery, the airline also believes it will be better able to distinguish and market itself to its target customers.

Tahun Baru Hadir dengan Seragam Baru

The LCC, which was founded in 2001, always operated under a
“polluted model”, never having a very clear strategy and vision. Its structure
was a hybrid of things brought in from Garuda, with the sprinkling of a few
low-cost principles, said Korfiatis.

The target this year is to carry 4 million passengers, up
from 1.6 million last year. The separation should be complete by April, when it receives its AOC. Looking at the growth and potential of the
Indonesian market for LCCs, Citilink could indeed be looking at its best year

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