SGA2012: RSAF unveils the first F-15SG, F-16C joint display


Yet again I’m impressed by the creativity displayed by oneof the region’s air forces in putting together a flying display to impress bothfrequent air show visitors and the the general public.

The RSAF plans on teaming its new F-15SG with an F-16C in ajoint aerobatics display, certainly an unusual teaming of aircraft. A few hoursago the pair buzzed our office in Changi Business Park. The team here has becomequite lulled by the regular commercial traffic approaching from the south, sotwo fighters on afterburner coming directly above us from the north certainlygot our attention.

The RSAF’s F-15/F-16 combination is not entirely withoutprecedent. A few years back the RSAF combined F-16s with A-4 Skyhawks, and RSAFF-16s have even paired with AH-64D Apaches. Can you imagine the USAF and USArmy cooperating on something like a joint aerobatics display?

My favourite regionalteam is probably China’s August 1, which flies red white and blue ChengduJ-10As. At Zhuhai in 2010 they were liberal in their use of flares. They alsoseemed to have few compunctions about flying near the crowd, and a few of themflew directly overhead. Perhaps not the safest thing to do, but very cool towatch.


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