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PICTURES: AW101 VVIP, a very sweet ride

Although the AgustaWestland AW101 VVIP helicopter is at the centre of a controversary in Italy and India regarding alleged corruption at parent Finmecanica, it is worth remembering that this helo is a damn fine ride. AgustaWestland passed me these images at last year’s LIMA air show. 

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Finally, a gun on a UAV?

The Aviationist blog has posted a video about an intriguingUAV with a submachine gun, apparently posted in Russia. While the clip is certainly entertaining – “I don’t think Irecognise any of those guys, let’s take them out” and “That was awesome! Lookat the guy’s head rolling down the hill” – I can’t vouch for the […]

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Will Burmese Spitfires see the light of day?

I was intrigued to learn that UK farmer David Cundall mayhave located 20 or more Spitfires in Myanmar, buried in their original shippingcrates. If the discovery turns out to be the real deal, it makes a finecounterpoint to Australia’s decision last year to bury 23 F-111s beneath alandfill – apparently there is a very real […]

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J-10A 3.jpg

PICTURES: J-10As conduct bombing practice in China’s southwest

This morning I came across some cool photos of  Chengdu J-10As on a live fire exerecise inthe Chengdu Military Area Command (MAC) in China’s southwest. According to PLAstory posted on China’ s defence ministry site, the aim of the mission was to conductfighter operations at high altitudes in day and night conditions.

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Surprise! That China Su-35 deal is on hold

I was amused to read the Ria Novosti report that the China SukhoiSu-35 deal is in trouble. Apparently the Russians want to sell China a large numberof aircraft, while China would prefer just a handful. And so an impasse ensues. “We have been promoting the Su-35fighter on the Chinese market,” Rosoboronexport deputy chief ViktorKomardin is […]

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Eva Air’s president tells why he introduced its Hello Kitty jets

When I first saw pictures of Eva Air’s Hello Kitty jets, I wondered who came up with the brilliant marketing idea.  After all, this is Hello Kitty we’re talking about – the famous cat that has fans young and old the world over. And boy was I surprised when told at a recent Eva Air […]

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