(Bad) PICTURES: joint Russia/India medium transport aircraft

Yesterday India’s HAL, Russia’s United Aircraft, and thetwo firms’ joint venture signed an agreement to get started on the MediumTransport Aircraft programme.I found a few images of what this aircraft is supposed tolook like.

From a public relations perspective, it would be greatif these guys could align their images, and then furnish us journos withnice, high resolution images when making announcements. Not to be a prima donna, but don’t they want publicity for this thing?

HAL provided an intriguing image of the MTA aircraft indesert camouflage, but it’s in very low res, meaning we can’t use it in FlightInternational. Heck, I’m even a bit embarrassed to use it here. 

The other image by HAL is basically a model that’s been laidon a dirt road somewhere at midday. It doesn’t even look as if the model isequipped with landing gear, and somehow those tree shadows really throw thingsoff.

If they really want to sell 60 of these things to othercountries, it would help if they could come up with some sleeker marketing. 

Image from HAL site. Ever heard of ‘high res’, guys?


HAL image depicts rough strip capability. Does it come with action figures?
Image from United Aircraft. Sigh. 
Another image from United Aircraft. Getting a bit better.

mts_scheme_3view (1).png
A last United Aircraft image. Four containers!


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