China announces first female J-10 pilots

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China has released images of the first female pilots for theChengdu J-10. According to a China Daily report, the five completed their firstsolo flights in the type in late July. Every now and then China trumpets women in its air force, including its ‘beauty pilot’ back in 2009.

One of the more enjoyable parts of my daily walk throughChina’s defence web sites is the somewhat eccentric section of the ChinaDefence Mashup web site called ‘Girls & Women in Military.’ The sectionfeatures stylish shots of smiling women in uniform, many apparently pulled frommovies and TV shows.

At the Zhuhai showthis November I’ll be keeping a sharp eye out for models in tight-fitting flight suits draped over missilesand bombs (see last picture below). Sigh, the sacrifices I make for the readership of Asian Skies. 

Freshly minted J-10 jock


Ay Ay, Sir!
Not your traditional PLAN pose.
Raytheon and MBDA could learn a marketing trick or two from ‘Beijing Symbol of Power, Technology Development Co.’ 

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