PICTURES: Cockpit pics of Chinese JH-7s on the deck

Came across some cool shots on my favorite Chinese web site(China Defense Mashup) of Xian JH-7 fighter bombers on the deck snapped by a People’sLiberation Army Navy pilot.

In the book I’m now reading – Chinese Aerospace Power: EvolvingMaritime Roles – one of the contributors talks about PLAN pilot training as therole of PLAN air assets evolve. In the past, PLAN aircraft were mainly taskedwith defending naval bases and ports, but a major emphasis is now placed onusing aircraft to hit naval targets far out at sea.

As such, one key area of pilot training is low altitudeingress tactics coupled with precision munitions. Apparently Chinese militarythinkers were impressed by Argentina’s effective use of such tactics againstthe technologically superior Royal Navy during the Falklands war of 1982. 

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