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PICTURES: Thai Airways unveils its Airbus A380 interiors

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VIDEO: Skipper of China’s first carrier speaks

It’s been a big few weeks for China, with the emergence ofa new fighter (J-21? J-31? F-60?) and this week’s christening of the Liaoning, China’s first aircraft carrier.It’s a good sign they didn’t name it Shi Lang after the historic admiral whoinvaded Taiwan in 1683. Of course, they could always call their next (andcertainly more […]

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A visit to Airbus Tianjin

Two weeks ago I spent some time in China, conducting interviews for a bunch of features I’ll be working on for the Airshow China preshow report. One of my stops in the country was in Tianjin – to check out Airbus’s first A320 final assembly line outside of Europe. My trip coincided with a planned ceremony […]

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