VIDEO: Skipper of China’s first carrier speaks

It’s been a big few weeks for China, with the emergence ofa new fighter (J-21? J-31? F-60?) and this week’s christening of the Liaoning, China’s first aircraft carrier.It’s a good sign they didn’t name it Shi Lang after the historic admiral whoinvaded Taiwan in 1683. Of course, they could always call their next (andcertainly more capable) aircraft carrier after this grand individual.

The big question, of course, is when the Liaoning will commenceflight tests. In the below Youtube interview with the ship’s captain I listenedcarefully for a first flight date, but he kept mum on this. I guess thereporter was under orders not to ask. For my part, I would have pressed him hard on this.

With luck Beijing will give the commencement of flight opsthe same heavy coverage given to the christening. Perhaps Hu Jintao or WenJiaobao will fly out to the ship to watch Su-33s performing arrested landingsand ramp-assisted take offs.

Though the Liaoning will never be as capable as a UScarrier, it sounds like it will be more fun. Buried in an article entitled “Q&Aabout aircraft carrier “Liaoning Ship”" on the defence ministry web site, Ifound this paragraph about the crew’s R&R options:

“The aircraft carrier “Liaoning ship” has messes,supermarket, post office, laundry rooms, gym, rubbish disposal stations and soon. Even the bars have both the noisy type and the quiet type. Therefore, thelife is relatively convenient on board.”

Sadly, the US Navy has no bars – either noisy or quiet – onany of its ships. This extends back to 1914 and secretaryof the navy Josephus Daniels, a rabid abolitionist.

How cool would it be to stand on the bridge of the Liaoning,beer in hand, observing Su-33s? Wow.

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