“That’s right, Ice Man. I am dangerous.”

During lunch last week my colleague @runwaycontact and I werestanding around Changi Business Park waiting for some passport photos to bedeveloped – just part of the significant waiting required for attending AeroIndia.

We noticed a trailer for the 2012 South Korean movie Soarinto the Sun playing outside a video shop. Although I’ve become used to inaccurate depictions of military equipment- aircraft especially – over the years, this video really takes the cake. 

That said, I’d love to see a T-50 – or any jet, for thatmatter – do a last minute tail stand in the middle of a city, blowing women’s skirts all over the place. I’ve also never seen a jet’s afterburners shred anoffice building’s windows.  That would bea neat trick at an air show.

And if the fighter action is no enough, the film alsoappears to offer good dialogue:

Officer 1: Why did you accept such a troublemaker?

Officer 2: Because he’s too good.

Hmmm, what 1980s film could have inspired those lines? 

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