VIDEO: view of Avalon from KC-30A taking off

Last week at the Avalon air show I had a unique opportunityto fly aboard the RAAF’s new KC-30A while it conducted the air-to-airrefuelling of two F/A-18C aircraft.  I wassuper busy at the show, so only now do I have the chance to post my photos anda video of the trip.

Riding the KC-30A (AKA Airbus Military A330 Multi-RoleTanker Transport) is, well, like flying in an airline. Aside from the lack ofIFE, the interior is identical to that used by Qantas in its A330s. 

Immediately below is a video of the takeoff that gives agood perspective of the Avalon show: static park, chalets, and the C-17 used inthe flying display. Just below this is a clip blogger Mike Yeo (@thebaseleg) puttogether that shows the refuelling itself.  He also wrote a great blog entry about the trip. 


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