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VIDEO/PICTURES: C-130J ride at Dubai

Nothing caps four busy days at a major air show such as Dubailike a ride in a military aircraft. At both Paris and Dubai Lockheed Martinhosted a media flight on the C-130J Super Hercules.  Both flights were verydifferent, yet highlighted the capabilities of what’s perhaps the world’s mostvenerable military transport. There is no better way […]

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Eastern Promise: big defence players flock to Seoul

Throw a rock into the air at this week’s Seoul Air Show andit would likely have come down on the head of a top international defenceexecutive. Several industry bigshots who gave Parisa miss in June spent days at Seoul, meeting withSouth Korea‘sdefence acquisition mandarins and generals. “This show was extremely well organized,” said the PR […]

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Will A400M make it to LIMA?

Southeast Asia is enteringair show season. In December there is the Langkawi International Maritime &Aerospace Exhibition (LIMA) and in February 2012 the Singapore Air Show. The big question visitors will be asking is will Airbusbring the A400M. Malaysiais the first international buyer of the giant turboprop airlifter, with plansto acquire four. For my part I […]

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VIDEO: JF-17 practices for Paris in Turkey

Looks as if the Paris Air Show will not be the Chengdu JF-17Thunder’s international airshow flying debut.  Amateur footage from Youtube shows a PakistaniJF-17 performing at Air Show Turkeyon Sunday. For the FlightGlobal team big shows like Parisare like the World Series, Superbowl, World Cup, and Olympics rolled into one.  Parisalso provides an opportunity to […]

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747-400 BCF model-4.JPG

Asian Aerospace: Boeing displays new models of familiar jets

During a quick glance at the exhibition halls under construction (still–as is the norm for airshows) for this week’s Asian Aerospace show, two models quickly caught my attention.First, Asian Aerospace marks the premiere of a large-scale model of the Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental in the Sunrise livery. Second is a model of the Boeing 747-400 Boeing […]

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AVALON: Cool B-1B take off; farewell Melbourne

Though the airshow at Avalon will continue until Sunday, it’s over for me: I’m in Melbourne Airport, waiting to board an SIA 747-400 back to Singapore. SIA is gradually phasing out the 747, so will this be the last time I fly the type on SIA?Anyway, my last day at Avalon was excellent. Aside from […]

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AVALON: cool 747-400 video and personal appeal to USAF

Before coming here somebody told me that Avalon is a terrific show for people who love planes. He was right, hanging out in the chalet row over lunch we were treated to a close up of a Qantas 747-400 taking off just 100 meters away. Not part of the show, but it was fun to […]

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Avalon Australia: could Australia’s LHDs one day operate F-35Bs?

  One likely sideconversation at next week’s Avalon air show is likely to be about the recentlaunch of the HMAS Canberra in Spain.The Canberra will be Australia‘s first LHD (landinghelicopter dock) and is likely to become operational in 2014, with a sistership, the HMAS Adelaide, to follow in 2015.These willbe the largest ships the Australian […]

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A stroll across Aero India 2011

Aero India is over. Can’t quite believe it as I’ve been preoccupied with researching and writing features for this major show since I joined FlightGlobal in October. In this video I walk from the chalet row to the Flight Daily News office clear on the other side of the show. While the video is not […]

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Super Hornet foam-1.JPG

Aero India: Hey what’s that foam on that fighter jet?

If you’re at Aero India this week, or looking at our photos or videos, you may notice some jets have chunks of foam wedged in awkward places. But FOD it’s not: the foam, seen below on a Super Hornet, is an easy and delay-free solution to keep flaps and ailerons level instead of letting the […]

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