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PICTURES: Thai Airways unveils its Airbus A380 interiors

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advanced aviation helo.JPG

PICTURES: Advance Aviation G200 and EC135

I asked Thailand’s Advance Aviation for an image or two oftheir Gulfstream G200 or one of their helicopters for use in my story about thecompany. They ended up sending quite a few over. I did not have room forall of them in the story, but they make for good blog fodder, especially theEC135 shots, which […]

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PICTURES: AW101 VVIP, a very sweet ride

Although the AgustaWestland AW101 VVIP helicopter is at the centre of a controversary in Italy and India regarding alleged corruption at parent Finmecanica, it is worth remembering that this helo is a damn fine ride. AgustaWestland passed me these images at last year’s LIMA air show. 

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Airbus ACJ380 - Bedroom.jpg

ACJ380: not quite a party palace

In 2006, around the time the Airbus A380 was preparing toenter service, a friend and I speculated about how we  would furnish an A380 private jet if, bychance, one us received a staggering windfall. Guests would enter a large hall on the first deck where theywould be entertained by bands such as U2 and The […]

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Taipei’s A380 theme restaurant

During myrecent trip to TaipeiI came across an interesting restaurant. The A380 Sky Kitchen is clearly thebrain child of an avid commercial aviation fan. I hope the food is better thanthat served by the real airlines. 

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A380 configs with TG.jpg

Thai Airways gives details of 507-seat A380 configuration

Thai Airways has released details of its planned seating configuration for its forthcoming Airbus A380 aircraft.Thai plans to seat 507 passengers in three classes: 12 in first, 60 in business, and 435 in economy, according to Routes.As our updated A380 chart, below, indicates, Thai will have the same number of premium seats as Singapore Airlines […]

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China Southern A380.jpg

China Southern’s 506-seat A380 cabin plan released

The configuration of China Southern’s A380 has reportedly been leaked on Sina Weibo, China’s equivalent of Twitter. A seating diagram (below) shows the carrier will operate its A380 with 8 first class seats, 70 in business, and 428 in economy for a total of 506.Of the eight carriers whose seating plans we know (see above […]

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A380 Configs updated with KAL.jpg

Korean Air to have least dense A380 cabin to date

When Korean Air places its first A380 into service to Japan and China next May (touch wood), the carrier will boast the least dense A380 cabin.Korean Air will have a total of 407 seats on its A380: 12 in first class, 94 in business, and 301 in economy, Superadrianme reports. That is only 27 more […]

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A look at the MAS A380 seating configuration

Configurations of in-service A380s as well as MAS’ expected configuration. While poking around the MAS website I stumbled upon the carrier’s configuration for its A380, a nifty find considering its first bird is not due until April 2012 and airlines have so far liked to keep their configurations closely-held.MAS will seat 420 in economy (the […]

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