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VIDEO: view of Avalon from KC-30A taking off

Last week at the Avalon air show I had a unique opportunityto fly aboard the RAAF’s new KC-30A while it conducted the air-to-airrefuelling of two F/A-18C aircraft.  I wassuper busy at the show, so only now do I have the chance to post my photos anda video of the trip. Riding the KC-30A (AKA Airbus […]

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“That’s right, Ice Man. I am dangerous.”

During lunch last week my colleague @runwaycontact and I werestanding around Changi Business Park waiting for some passport photos to bedeveloped – just part of the significant waiting required for attending AeroIndia. We noticed a trailer for the 2012 South Korean movie Soarinto the Sun playing outside a video shop. Although I’ve become used to inaccurate […]

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COOL PHOTOS: Satellite images of Xian Y-20

Satellite imagery firm GeoEye has produced an image of whatappears to be the Xian Y-20 strategic transport at China’s Yanlian air base. The image shows the aircraft situated on the base’s runway06 L, surrounded by what appear to be support vehicles and personnel.  The resolution is sufficient to discern the aircraft’syellow prototype colour scheme, its […]

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Kingfisher lounge at DEL a symbol for carrier’s condition

I recently happened upon Kingfisher’s first class lounge inNew Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport.  Though the carrier seems adamant aboutresuming service at some point, its abandoned lounge presents a gloomy, run downprospect.  I swear: I didn’t steal the missing letters for souvenirs. Cool chairs. Will there be a liquidation sale? Any chance of a free […]

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PICTURES: RAAF ‘Haul-a-herc’ event raises money for Special Olympics

Received a cool email earlier today from the RAAF. They recently held a charity event to raise money for the Special Olympics where 20 teams of 20 people hauled a Lockheed Martin C-130J over 10m. The objective was to pull the 40-tonne aircraft 10m in the fastest time possible. The quickest time of 11.68s was […]

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Must read: Chinese Aerospace Power, Emerging Maritime Roles

For readers with a more than passing interest in Asia Pacific military affairs, Chinese Aerospace Power, Emerging Maritime Roles is the book for you.  Edited by China defence experts Andrew Erickson and Lyle Goldstein, the book is a series of essays and papers about China’s capabilities and possible intentions in regard to the use of […]

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VIDEO: Skipper of China’s first carrier speaks

It’s been a big few weeks for China, with the emergence ofa new fighter (J-21? J-31? F-60?) and this week’s christening of the Liaoning, China’s first aircraft carrier.It’s a good sign they didn’t name it Shi Lang after the historic admiral whoinvaded Taiwan in 1683. Of course, they could always call their next (andcertainly more […]

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PICTURES: Cockpit pics of Chinese JH-7s on the deck

Came across some cool shots on my favorite Chinese web site(China Defense Mashup) of Xian JH-7 fighter bombers on the deck snapped by a People’sLiberation Army Navy pilot. In the book I’m now reading – Chinese Aerospace Power: EvolvingMaritime Roles – one of the contributors talks about PLAN pilot training as therole of PLAN air […]

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China announces first female J-10 pilots

China has released images of the first female pilots for theChengdu J-10. According to a China Daily report, the five completed their firstsolo flights in the type in late July. Every now and then China trumpets women in its air force, including its ‘beauty pilot’ back in 2009. One of the more enjoyable parts of […]

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Steady as she goes: aircraft appear aboard China’s Varyag

Returned from AUVSI in Las Vegas today to discover the PLANhas placed a few aircraft aboard the Varyag. Nothing as dramatic as India’sMiG-29KUB tests off the Vikramaditya in Russia’s White Sea, but a definite stepin toward the first fixed wing flight to and from an aircraft carrier by aChinese pilot. The fighter in the pictures […]

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