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(Bad) PICTURES: joint Russia/India medium transport aircraft

Yesterday India’s HAL, Russia’s United Aircraft, and thetwo firms’ joint venture signed an agreement to get started on the MediumTransport Aircraft programme.I found a few images of what this aircraft is supposed tolook like. From a public relations perspective, it would be greatif these guys could align their images, and then furnish us journos withnice, […]

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VIDEO: Finally, footage of ‘naval’ Tejas maiden flight

One month after the fact, a video showing the ‘naval’variant of the HAL Tejas during its maiden flight has appeared on YouTube. After being rolled out inJuly 2010, this variant only made its first flight nearly two years later, on27 April 2012. While the main landing gear on this variant appears to bemore robust than […]

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VIDEO: Chinese Ka-28 pilot barely averts crash at sea

Singapore-based military aircraft photographer @alert5 just shared this cool clipfrom Chinese TV of a Kamov Ka-28 barely escaping disaster as it attempts toland on a Peoples’ Liberation Army Navy Type 054A frigate.  Thankfully the pilot managed to do a goaround and land safely. On the second landing attempted I was impressed by the 16 guys(looked […]

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Will Australia cap F-35 buy at 72?

The greatest single question facing the Lockheed Martin F-35programme is how many will end up actually being bought?  Barely a week goes buy without one of thefuture operators such as Canada, Japan, or Norway expressing concern about theaircraft’s cost. Australia is in the same boat. It originally talked aboutbuying 100, and has far as I […]

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VIDEO: M1A1 flies aboard RAAF C-17

Earlier this week the RAAF announced that it had flown anM1A1 Abrams main battle tank aboard a Boeing C-17, the service’s first timeperforming this feat. In the video, it’s interesting to see how much spaceremains on either side of the tank when it is in the hold. There is still more than enoughspace for guys […]

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Full text of Airbus’s statement about C-27 selection in Australia

Airbus Military is highly displeased with Australia’s decision to go for the C-27J over its own C-295 (Surprise! Surprise!). In recent months Airbus Military made a compelling offer, the promise of more A330 multi role tanker transport (MRTT) conversion work provided Canberra plumped for 10 C-295s and a sixth A330 MRTT – designated the KC-30 […]

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Will Obama drop a viper in China’s lap?

Last August I wrote in this blog that Taiwan‘slong-hoped-for F-16 C/D purchase could become an election issue in the USA this year. Therecent letter from the Obama administration to Senator John Cornyn suggeststhat the administration could indeed sell Taiwan new F-16s. This would be a greatway to bolster the president’s tough guy foreign policy credentials […]

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PICTURES: AW101 VVIP, a very sweet ride

Although the AgustaWestland AW101 VVIP helicopter is at the centre of a controversary in Italy and India regarding alleged corruption at parent Finmecanica, it is worth remembering that this helo is a damn fine ride. AgustaWestland passed me these images at last year’s LIMA air show. 

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Finally, a gun on a UAV?

The Aviationist blog has posted a video about an intriguingUAV with a submachine gun, apparently posted in Russia. While the clip is certainly entertaining – “I don’t think Irecognise any of those guys, let’s take them out” and “That was awesome! Lookat the guy’s head rolling down the hill” – I can’t vouch for the […]

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Will Burmese Spitfires see the light of day?

I was intrigued to learn that UK farmer David Cundall mayhave located 20 or more Spitfires in Myanmar, buried in their original shippingcrates. If the discovery turns out to be the real deal, it makes a finecounterpoint to Australia’s decision last year to bury 23 F-111s beneath alandfill – apparently there is a very real […]

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