Must read: Chinese Aerospace Power, Emerging Maritime Roles

For readers with a more than passing interest in Asia Pacific military affairs, Chinese Aerospace Power, Emerging Maritime Roles is the book for you.  Edited by China defence experts Andrew Erickson and Lyle Goldstein, the book is a series of essays and papers about China’s capabilities and possible intentions in regard to the use of […]

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VIDEO: Skipper of China’s first carrier speaks

It’s been a big few weeks for China, with the emergence ofa new fighter (J-21? J-31? F-60?) and this week’s christening of the Liaoning, China’s first aircraft carrier.It’s a good sign they didn’t name it Shi Lang after the historic admiral whoinvaded Taiwan in 1683. Of course, they could always call their next (andcertainly more […]

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A visit to Airbus Tianjin


Two weeks ago I spent some time in China, conducting interviews for a bunch of features I’ll be working on for the Airshow China preshow report. One of my stops in the country was in Tianjin – to check out Airbus’s first A320 final assembly line outside of Europe. My trip coincided with a planned ceremony […]

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PICTURES: Cockpit pics of Chinese JH-7s on the deck


Came across some cool shots on my favorite Chinese web site(China Defense Mashup) of Xian JH-7 fighter bombers on the deck snapped by a People’sLiberation Army Navy pilot. In the book I’m now reading – Chinese Aerospace Power: EvolvingMaritime Roles – one of the contributors talks about PLAN pilot training as therole of PLAN air […]

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China announces first female J-10 pilots


China has released images of the first female pilots for theChengdu J-10. According to a China Daily report, the five completed their firstsolo flights in the type in late July. Every now and then China trumpets women in its air force, including its ‘beauty pilot’ back in 2009. One of the more enjoyable parts of […]

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Steady as she goes: aircraft appear aboard China’s Varyag


Returned from AUVSI in Las Vegas today to discover the PLANhas placed a few aircraft aboard the Varyag. Nothing as dramatic as India’sMiG-29KUB tests off the Vikramaditya in Russia’s White Sea, but a definite stepin toward the first fixed wing flight to and from an aircraft carrier by aChinese pilot. The fighter in the pictures […]

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Red Bull Flugtag: an awesome sponsorship opportunity for the world’s airframers

Red Bull Flugtag is coming to Singapore, with the eventtaking place on 28 October at Sentosa’s Siloso Beach. Given that Flightglobalcovers all the world’s major air shows and aviation milestones, writing aboutpeople who build bizarre flying contraptions and run them into the sea isclearly a good fit. Among the fixed wing aircraft we cover regularly, […]

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PICTURE: Shaanxi Y-8 variant with side looking radar?

strange y-8 variant.jpg

During my morning stroll through China’s defence web sites Icame across what could be yet another version of the Shaanxi Y-8, thefour-engined turboprop that China seems to adapt to every role imaginable. The bulges on the right side of the fuselage suggest side-lookingsynthetic aperture radar, but not sure about the winglets on the tips of […]

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Surprise! All of China’s military kit was developed at home

Z-10 is an Chinese attack helicopter.jpg

Chinese defence ministry spokesman Yang Yujun has defendedthe indigenous nature of the  AVIC Z-10 attackhelicopter. This follows United Technologies’ (UTC) admission in June that itknowingly supplied China with a Pratt & Whitney Canada engine for the type. Basically, the Chinese are saying “we built it on our own,”while UTC has paid a $75 million fine […]

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